From the cobblestoned streets of La Candelaria to the only-one-of-its-kind Salt Cathedral in Zipaquira, the sightseeing in Colombia’s capital city are endless.
Whether you’re a devout foodie or history buff, Bogota has something special to offer for every taste, including but certainly not limited to:

Museo de Oro
Three floors with over 55,000 pieces of sparkling gold treasures makes this one of South America’s most visited museums. Every floor has been consciously designed by theme to tell the stories of ancient Colombians.

Museo Botero
Come see the paintings and sculptures of Colombia’s most famous artist, Fernando Botero. Pictures and sculptures of chubby men, children, women, birds, hands, and more, are too whacky not to see for yourself.

Plaza de Bolivar
This is the heart of the original town and the starting point for most adventures in Bogota. You can’t miss the fanous 1846 bronze statue of Simon Bolivar at center of the plaza.

Ride on the cable car to the top of the Cerro Monserrate mountain to soak in one of the most magical panoramic views of the city. While up top, sip coca tea and enjoy one of the oldest traditions in the Andes.

Bogota’s Ciclovia
Bogota’s main street, La Septima (7th avenue) is closed every Sunday for pedestrians, vendors and cyclists. Join this street party and chow down on local fare, watch people dance in stilts, see clowns in strollers, and so much more.

Salt Cathedral
Carved out of a salt mine and lit with vibrant colors, this church is unlike any other you’ve ever seen before. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the beauty of this mesmerizing cathedral.