• Location:

    October 15th, 16th and 17th, 2019 – Live Surgery Course

    Lafont Clinic: Cra 16 # 86B – 52 Bogota, Colombia

    October 18th, 2019 – Hands-On Specimen Dissection Workshop

    Latin American Minimally Invasive Surgery Training Center (CLEMI): Autopista Norte Km 16 vía Hatogrande, Sopo, Colombia

  • Transportation:

    Private Car Service: For an easy arrival, any of those hotels can arrange you a private car pick-up for an affordable rate.

    Taxi: Once you pass customs, leave the main building though the sliding doors and go right. Right in front of you, you’ll see the authorized airport taxi office. They will ask you (in spanish) the address of the hotel (make sure you have it to hand) and will give you a print out with the exact amount of money you’ll have to pay.